Coup Advisory Number 5 - Miscounting To Continue

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is for good men to do nothing."


The meeting in Tallahassee was lively; the participants were animated, perhaps even jubilant.  They received their invitations by word of mouth, casually, from different sources.  In essence they were summoned by the mysterious, ubiquitous "They."  No one wore any party pins or displayed any party paraphernalia.  Most were still dressed as they had been in the counting rooms.  Many of the attendees knew each other but, insofar as I could determine, they were not "dues paying" members of any one organization.  For sure, most were registered Democrats; some, still trying to maintain an image of aloofness for reasons of intellectual vanity, let slip that they were Independents; and there were at least two "Greenies."  Still, they were linked.  And the bond was tight and singular and sinister: for each one was working within the Florida electoral system to corrupt the State's vote count in a manner designed to ensure, by hook or by crook, the "election" of Al Gore as President of the United States.

Any outsider unaware of "the Plan" would have believed that those present were either delusional or retarded.  Their candidate was behind in the count; two and, in some places three, tabulations had gone against them; and judicial precedent and hostile statutes blocked their way.  And, although they were a bit giddy from the raw power that they were wielding, they were neither out of touch with reality nor lacking in cunning. Indeed, they were focused, and confident, and knowing.

Bob, one of the group's more visible members, was ebullient.  He had, according to his reckoning, deliberately marred, to a degree sufficient for invalidation, 21 of the ballots for Bush that he had "reviewed."  Others were equally boastful, or smug, or merely happy.  All were pleased; most, gleeful.  After all, they were activists - and, by Gore, they were in action!  Of course to those not intoxicated by conspiratorial excitement, and the heady haze of media hype, they were not nearly so grand. Indeed, they were simply socialists: common, garden-variety socialists, ravenous for power and filled with a craving for authority and attention and booty.

In keeping with their beliefs they were effervescent in their knowledge that they were imposing their will on their fellow Americans.  The only thing that gave them greater pleasure than the concept of controlling their adversaries by force of law, was the thought that they might gain such control through deceit and manipulation.  Their joy was the joy of the young thief who had just stolen an expensive (but totally unneeded) item from a struggling shop-owner.  It was the joy of the vandal.  It was the joy of the intellectual bully who delights in cheating, confounding, and intimidating his kind-hearted and naive neighbors.

In many ways the mood was reminiscent of the meetings held by the then-new left in the late 60's and early 70's - and then, as now, jargon ruled.  Marilyn's demeanor was typical. In an effort to reaffirm her position as a member of the group's intelligentsia, she told me (in a voice designed to penetrate the crowd), "Alas, the 'Bushmen' are the [Democratic] party's burden."  Her parody on "white man's burden," brought warm smiles to her coterie.  Then, by way of convincing her fellows that she possessed a compassionate as well as an incisive nature, she added, " . . but we really shouldn't hate them; we need only to free them from their reactionary shells.  It's more than our right: it's . . well . . our duty."

When their effervescence threatened to carry into the adjoining dining area, and into the public's hearing and consciousness, calmer heads were there to quieten and caution.  Here the professionals - the Gorers as they are known to their directors - were invaluable, for their job is a difficult one.  They have to be both inciter and dampener.  They need to maintain the momentum, to preserve the enthusiasm, and, most importantly, to keep the mood light; and, at the same time, they need to prevent the conspirators from realizing that their manipulations in the counting rooms are immoral, criminal, and dangerous.  Newspeak helps here; so also does a patina of argumentum ad populam and an "appeal to authority."  What we're doing, they're led to believe, can't be wrong: for, after all, we're supported by Martin Sheen, Robert Redford, and the president of the United States!  The Gorers know that the myth of universal acceptance (i.e., the belief that everyone's in on it, aren't they?) is of critical importance.  No one must know, no one must mention, no one must even think Coup d'Etat!

Deflection is critical in such operations; consequently, levity can be very useful.  Nero didn't fiddle as his henchmen burned Rome.  He was busy polishing his excuse (he blamed it on the Christians) - and telling jokes.  Similarly, one of the Tallahassee attendees (one of the Gorers), in an apparent allusion to the jokes being spread on the subject, even wore his golf shoes.  Bob didn't catch on.  Marilyn explained to him that certain non-Democratic political pranksters were telling jokes about the Democratic counters and watchers coming on shift in their golf shoes - an obvious reference to their efforts to alter, and therefore invalidate, the Bush ballots with a few extra marks, indents, depressions, holes, or whatever.

My stay was limited. In truth, I stood out.  My clothes were wrong (I wore a tie and sports jacket), my appearance was wrong (I had no studs, pins, earrings, or body piercings); my accent was wrong (I had an almost-native to the region southern tidewater accent); my vocabulary was wrong (I said "it hit directly" rather than "it was enormously impacted by"); and my introduction was shaky.  Even my eyes gave me away (for my pupils would not dilate as the others did when Beth waxed sickly about the "synergistic beauty of Al's program for reaffirming affirmative action, re-empowering the common man, and exposing the plutocrats for their morally bankrupt policy of blabedy blabedy blab. . . ."  Nor would they contract as did everyone else's as she ripped into "that crypto-Nazi,"  George Will, for the "bigotry inherent in his reference to Jesse Jackson as a 'rented ranter.' "  Indeed, by this time I was fighting hard to suppress my gag reflex.  I was also recognized by one of the Gorers, a man that I shall identify as Bill.  He knew that I wasn't one of his pigeons.  He was trying to determine if I was one of his Miscounters.  I had to leave before I was exposed.

Don't for a minute think that your Congressman is aware of what's happening.  Even the Republicans are clueless.  Most truly believe that the TV networks are simply suffering from "a bias borne of insufficient understanding," and that they can be educated, with time and patience.  They won't believe you when you tell them that the networks are in on the fix.  Accordingly, they also will have great difficulty in accepting that a Coup is underway. Warn them - as a courtesy; but expect no help.

The end will come quickly.  It's a few days off, but the big dominoes will fall rapidly once the court gives the green light to the recount.  The Democratic "counters" in the so-called disputed counties have already generated or "found" over a thousand additional votes for Gore.  They're ready.  The Coup forces are presently negotiating (in the shadows, of course) with several judges in Florida and Atlanta.  Once the decision is made to recount, then Gore will have won and the Coup will have succeeded.

What's Next?

One: The Florida Court Will Order At Least a Limited Recount

Within the next twenty-four hours the Florida Supreme Court will rule that manipulation of the ballots shall be permitted to continue, but, in a nice bit of newspeak, they will term the altering and manipulating involved as "recounting."  The court will agree with the Coup forces and find that the State's Secretary of State, the person responsible for enforcing the state statute that requires the timely certification of voting results, abused her discretion by not ignoring the provisions of the statute.  She will, the Coup forces will tell us, have contravened the law by adhering to its provisions.  The court will order the continuation of "counting," and Bill and his teams of miscounters will continue with their manipulations.

Two. Coup Forces Will Move To Invalidate Absentee Ballots - and Then Reverse Themselves

Within the next 24 hours, the Miscounters, having invalidated many of Bush's absentee ballots, will begin to make claims that Bush's overseas ballots were mailed after the November 7th deadline, and that their postmarks were predated by corrupt postal officials (believe me: the Gorers are intimately acquainted with this process; only they have the players misidentified).  They may even demand that all absentee ballots, those for Gore as well as those for Bush, be invalidated.  They will claim that their willingness to invalidate their candidate's ballots demonstrates their good faith and sense of fair play.  Then, when the Republicans protest, they will counter with, "O.k., keep your ballots, but let's extend the deadlines - the reception deadline, the counting deadline, and even the postmark deadline."

If you fall for this then you're ready to believe that Al Gore truly did invent the Internet.  This "concession" on the part of the Democrats is no more real, no more sincere, and no more valid, than the concession that Gore made to Bush during the early hours of November 8th.  This concession will be made for three reasons: 1) To deepen the trance of those Republicans who still believe that Gore's megalomania is not so great as to cause him to defile the election process; 2) to induce Governor Bush to accept the validity of extending the counting-recounting-miscounting process; and 3) to provide time for Gore's absentee-ballot-box-stuffing scheme to work.  Oh yes, don't think for a minute that the Gorers would ignore this opportunity.  Within hours of the realization that they were not, despite the treachery of the networks, going to carry Florida, The Gorers were systematically rounding up unused absentee ballots.  Their leftist owners were told, "Don't worry: your ballot is going on a vacation.  There are places in the world where the rigid 'Republican calendar' doesn't hold sway."  The Gorers were not worried about getting the ballots overseas (some even traveled on Air Force One), nor were they worried about having them postmarked on or before the 7th, but they were worried about their late arrival in Florida.  Now, that kink is being removed.

Within 72 hours Gore's camp will propose that the "we do the right thing by Gov. Bush and the American people and give him another week to get all his absentee ballots in."  Of course, this is just insurance for Gore: the real drive will come from the Dade and Broward cesspools.  The Gorers in charge of those counts have already completed their work.

Three. Coup Leaders Will Suggest that Florida's Electoral Vote Be Discarded - or Split

Once the ballots have been miscounted to the point of total confusion, the Coup forces will suggest that "the principles of fair play" call for a splitting of Florida's electoral vote or, alternately, that Florida be written off as a wash for both sides.

Four. Coup Leaders Will Make Public Call for Renunciation of Violence - and Then Trigger It.

Within the next week, less if the Florida Courts tarry too long before surrendering to the Coup forces, the Democratic activists in Dade County will initiate a series of small scale "episodes" of a violent nature.  They will breakout "spontaneously" as a "consequence of the public's outrage and frustration over Bush's intransigence in the face of the people's will."  The Coup forces will defend the violence as the "cry of a desperate people."  The authorities, trained in cowardice and prepped in capitulation, will acquiesce to the "national conscience."

Don't worry. This will not be the beginning of wide-spread civil unrest - but it will mark the end of democracy in America.