Coup Advisory Number 6 - The Spin Doctor is In

"There is something about solid con that wraps the mind in a pleasant cocoon-world of unreality that replaces the world of reality."


" 'Pursuit of happiness?'  Is your brain addled?   Why, their Indian gooses was cooked the moment that lying Tennessean told his old Choctaw mammy, 'Yo' people ain't got nothing to worry about.'  Hell, he sold out an entire nation."

CONTEMPORARY of ANDREW JACKSON on the circumstances
preceding, and the occasion of, the forced - and unlawful - removal of one
of the United States' Indian allies from the Eastern U.S. by the President of the U.S.

What's wrong with the picture formed by the following headlines and statements?

"The way is now open for Gore to pick up the additional votes that he needs to capture the Presidency."

"Gore Confident That Hand Count Will Enable Him To Pick Up The Votes That He Needs To Take Florida."

"Analysts project that, based on past performances [in the previous recounts], Gore can pick up the votes that he needs to take the State [of Florida] providing that he can get the [Florida] Supreme Court to approve his call for another [manual] count."

"The third time's the charm: Court gives Gore another chance to pick up missing votes."

"The world holds its breath to determine if Gore can pick up . . . "

Well, you get the picture, I'm sure.

The key word of course is "pick-up" - and the overriding ambience created by the language used is the assumed certainty that Gore's vote will, relative to Bush's, increase whenever there is a new count, especially if there is a hand count.  How can that be?  How is it that almost every network and major news group assumes that Gore's vote will rise whenever there is a re-count?  The answer is clear: they're not reporting the news; they're making it.  Worse, they're making it up!  Well, you may think, the reporters' bias may account for the publishing of it, but what of the validity of it?  For, after all, it is happening; Gore's totals do increase with every counting.

Clearly we're dealing with two issues or problems here, though equally clearly they are interrelated.  One is a matter of media bias and deception (euphemistically dubbed "misinformation" by the Gorers).  The other is a matter of hardcore grand larceny, the grandness of which is about as grand as it comes, for we are talking here about nothing less than the theft of a nation!  Now I don't wish to be insulting by overstating the obvious, but for the sake of new readers, let me reiterate: the U.S. is in the midst of a Coup d'Etat.  The Coup is in an advanced stage.  The danger to our nation is real and immediate.  Compounding the peril, the President of the U.S. is in on it - and the Vice President is leading it!

Oh, and just in case any of you were wondering why President Clinton would leave the country when he did, and for what he's ostensibly doing, then you needn't wonder further.  He needed to be out of the country in case the Coup was foiled or exposed.  That was the trade-off with Gore: the President would use his people to cover his judges and officials, but he would need to stay clean - and gone.  Since the verdict is still out so also is the President.

With regard to the matter of misinformation spread by the Coup forces, don't for a moment think that the media's assumption of certainty is either mathematically logical, accidental, or innocent.  It isn't.  Gore's spin doctors know their craft.  I don't want to be nit-picky here, but language is critical.  The Coup forces are masters of newspeak.  They use "organic language" (the parent of the proverbial "Freudian slip") purposefully, to influence, not to educate.  Why even use "pick-up?" Why not "gain, " or "accrue," or "overtake?"  Most journalists are taught to avoid preposition add-ons, combinations, and ligatures like "go on up," or "train-up," or "put up with," and to use instead "ascend" and "train" and "tolerate."  So why use street talk?  Why indeed.

Without getting too deeply enmeshed into psychological theory and distractions, the answer lies in the backgrounds, orientations, and intentions of the Coup's generals and propagandists (especially the ones who represent themselves as reporters).  Simply put, they use the techniques and language of the con man because they are con men.  They're simple grifters, scam artists, that's all.  Well, perhaps that's not altogether true - for many are gifted grifters and skillful scamsters.  Still, most don't want to merely report: they want to fabricate.  Remember, they're activists, and as such they are intoxicated by their fabrications.  Moreover, as any conman knows, they are addicted to the euphoria that is generated by and flows from their marks' mesmerization, gullibility, and eventual panic.  Stealing a nation is not a win-win scenario.  The Coup forces dance to a different tune.  Their rapture requires your despair.

Of course our adversaries are not all master manipulators.  Most in fact are really quite stupid and haven't a clue as to just how out of it they are.  They also are victimized by the Coup forces and socialist mentality on which they feed.  For sure these simpletons attack the free market system, but not because they have studied it and found it lacking; they have simply never studied it at all.  These "fellow travelers" don't, for example, use the word "progressive" to describe a new Gore giveaway program because they want to provoke the productive folks who will have to fund it.  No, they use "progressive" because they've been taught by their superiors that social engineering equals progress, that collectivization yields progress, and that regulation is tantamount to progress.  They simply don't understand the host-parasite relationship.  They don't understand that their progressive plans will eventually kill or incapacitate the hosts on which they are feeding.  They don't understand that their plan is nothing other than robbery by governmental fiat, and that the robbery victims are their hosts.  Still, the unconsciousness of your adversaries doesn't vitiate the danger that they pose.  The Spin Doctors' patients also play an important role in the Coup.

What's next?

1. The Florida Supreme Court will rule that the hand counting be continued for. . . oh . . . gosh . . . let's see, a few more days (basically, for the time required by the Gorers to adjust the ballot totals to ensure a Gore victory.  Don't try to fathom the Justices' reasons for doing so - for they won't reside in morality or fair play.  To be sure, the decision will have a firm foundation - but not in the law.  It will instead be based on, and paid in, the currency of the Gore administration - namely, corruption, influence, and a perversion that can best be called "twisted sisterism."

2. The Gorers have finally played one of their absentee ballots trump cards.  Actually, they played it several days ago, but I didn't get wind of it until my hurried departure from Tallahassee a few days ago.  The key lies in the memorandum issued to the Democratic Lawyers and, consequently, the Gorers throughout the State of Florida.  The document is entitled "Overseas Absentee Ballot Review and Protest."

There is of course nothing improper per se about the issuance of memoranda on such subjects.  There is, however, something unsettling about the purpose of this publication, for it is not intended to assist the Coup forces' poll watchers in screening for defective ballots.  It is instead written as a primer to assist the Gorers in perverting the goals of the applicable statutes by wrongfully invalidating their adversaries' ballots.

The method is two-fold: one, the Gorers are taught how to eliminate hundreds of ballots that are mailed from the "wrong" post offices in overseas locations; two, they are instructed on how to foul the workings of the counting process by jamming it with spurious protests.  Method Two presents nothing new to the non-socialist world.  It has been around ever since the world's first bureaucrat caused, for reasons of job security and nest feathering, the completion of the world's first public latrine project to be extended from four hours to two weeks.

Method One is more sinister.  Here the Gorers are taught to use "post officemanship" to invalidate the ballots of thousands of America's merchant mariners, civilians, and members of the U.S. armed forces who are serving or traveling overseas on foreign assignments or visits.  Remember, by and large, the Democrats are launching themselves from an anti-military platform.  Their position was concisely stated by one of the Gorers in Miami: "Hell," he said, "who gives a crap about those G.I. jerkoffs anyway; they're nothing but a mishmash of misfits, morons, and mad-dog killers.  Al should confine them to their barracks - unless, of course, he needs them to clean up after some hurricane or something."  I had to leave with this.

O.k., enough of the this you say.  We all know that with Al and company we're dealing with a defective population.  So, what about the specifics?  How does the disenfranchisement of Sgt. Jones work?  All right, let's examine one component of Gore's plan.  Let's say that you're a U.S. serviceman stationed overseas on TDY in, say, the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or the U.S Virgin Islands, or the U.S Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or the U.S. Territory of Guam, or American Samoa, and let's say further that you've completed your ballot.  So what next?  Well, you drop it off on your way to work at the nearest Post Office, right?  Wrong: for if you do, or if you did, then, in all probability you have just given a Gorer an excuse to reject your ballot and to cast it in the protest pile.  And we're not speaking here of a few votes; we're speaking of hundreds of thousands of votes.

Since most overseas Americans stationed in the places just identified don't live on a military installation, most will mail their letters from post offices that are not part of either the Army or Fleet Post Office Systems (i.e., the APOs and FPOs) or the USPS Offices that operate on certain DOD facilities (sometimes identified as MPOs).  Most will instead have used a facility operated off-base by the United States Postal Service (the USPS).  Indeed, many of America's overseas citizens don't even have access to an APO, FPO, or MPO.  Further, despite the fact that all of the servicemen who live in the political units listed in the preceding paragraph are living in foreign locales, none of them will have direct or immediate access to a post office that is foreign in the sense of being non-American.  Those who used their neighborhood USPS Post Office have fallen into the Gore trap identified on Mr. Herron's memo as "Domestic postmark."  Consequently, these Americans will have their ballots invalidated by the Gorers, or at least protested and consequently shunted into the "delay until the counting has been completed" box.  The Gorers cynically refer to this process as "selective de facto disenfranchisement."

The key to their technique is the misuse and deliberate obfuscation, by the Gorers, of the words "overseas," "foreign," and "domestic."  The State of Florida wants, quite naturally, to eliminate or minimize certain classes of absentee ballots that might be posted within Florida or neighboring states.  Consequently they have decreed that, insofar as the aforementioned groups are concerned, absentee ballots must have either an APO postmark, an FPO postmark, an MPO postmark, or a foreign postmark.  As a matter of geography - and fact - Hagatna, Garapan, San Juan, Pago Pago, and Charlotte Amalie (capitals all); and scores of other foreign cities and villages within the American community of overseas territories, possessions, and commonwealths; are foreign!  However, for reasons that are beyond the purview of this report, all are deemed by the USPS to be domestic locales.  Well folks, the U. S. Postal Service may treat these places as domestic, but, for purposes of electing U.S. Presidents, the U.S. Constitution does not.

Mr. Daley and Al Gore may tell you that Sgt. Jones (who, by the way, was delayed on the way on his way to the post office to help a neighbor, a member of the Samoan nobility, jump start his car) should have his ballot discarded because it received a domestic postmark from Pago Pago (and, to Al Gore and his socialists minions, is therefore invalid); but I tell you that the Sarge's mailing was not a domestic one and therefore should be counted.  It is a contemptuous act - worthy, for sure, of Al Gore - to suggest that these overseas and foreign political units (some of the citizens of which are not, because of their monarchistic governments, afforded U.S. citizenship) are domestic locales as a consequence of their having USPS post offices.  Of course, to persons who have spent their whole life in hiding from the Constitution, or in generating methods to pervert it, a post office ruse to "slick" the Presidency is just good, clean, old fashioned "solid con."

Readers will be thrilled to know that the Florida courts, ably aided and steered by the country's finest socialist minds, have been instrumental in developing, almost overnight, a new legal concept - a theatre as it were - on interpretive voting.  Prior to this ingenuity America's poor voters had to rely on - now get this, for in future years no one will remember and believe - themselves to determine the person for whom, or the cause for which, they were voting.  Moreover, we were led to believe that this was a beneficent concept.  But now, thanks to the Democratic Party, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Mayor Daley, and a host of other luminaries from the cauldron of collectivism; aided in no small measure by thousands of whinging, cleanliness-challenged sobriety-challenged, literacy-challenged, whiners; help is on the way.  Once this concept matures (and it's being developed as fast as the Democratic bagmen can rent out the Whitehouse and suborn our jurists) and is implemented, America's voters will no longer have to endure the loneliness of voting alone, the strain of considering the issues, and the tension of wondering if they have voted correctly, nor will they suffer the suffocating panic of knowing that they can't change their minds, or even the anxiety of wondering if they voted along with Jane, and Warren, and Martin.

Starting now, the terror of voting will fade away.  Voted for the wrong guy?  Not to worry, Reverend Jesse will be there to interpret your vote for you - after the fact, of course.  Got too much "sugar" in your snout, misunderstood the issues, and voted for the woman who you thought was committed to giving free circumcisions to America's senior citizens (but, who you later learned, was committed to establish Islam as America's state religion), well no sweat, Hillary Clinton and her Gender Amelioration and Reevaluation Group will be there to reevaluate your vote and to cast it instead for the Greenie who was committed to the compulsory castration of all Americans over the age of 25.  Had a bad hair day, panicked, and voted for everyone on the ballot, don't woooorrrrry, a special team of psychics headed by Cher and the staff of experts from the National Inquirer will extract your inner feelings from the card and make the perfect selection for you.  Heck, with a little practice, and a little guidance from Martin Sheen and Sally Jesse, President Gore will, by his third term for sure, be able to dispense with the tedious business of voting anyway.

The Coup is still in progress.  The issue is still undecided.  Make sure your neighbors understand it, now, before President Gore expands the Department of Health, Welfare and Education to start using your tax dollars, through the offices of the bureau of National Mental Health, to purge you of your "reactionary and anti-social" views - or perhaps to simply purge you.


"What goes around comes around, especially the evil - and it continues to circle, and to strike the same vulnerable elements, until the victims arise from their stupor, slough their lassitude, abandon the wishful thinking that has held them captive, and crush their tormentor."


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