Coup Advisory Number 7 - Back To College

"The game has been refined over the years with a lot of new high tech equipment, but the most successful cheating techniques continue to be card crimping and ring embossing or dimpling"

MISSOURI SLICK WILLIE (the card shark,
not to be confused with the President of the
United States) on cheating at cards.

The key to the survival of our Republic may lie in the Electoral College - and it is under attack.  So, don't rejoice.  Don't let down your guard - not yet.  Thanks to a lot of hard work by some very vigilant people in Florida who have been standing in the polling places, watching the watchers, checking the Gorers, the Coup Forces have, with Florida's Certification, suffered a loss.  But this was just a battle, not the war.  Make no doubt about it, the fix is still in.  The Coup forces are still capable of pulling it off.  Moreover, Gore, like Hitler, or a spoiled child, would raze the nation in an act of defiance and petulance rather than accept defeat.  Consequently, our task is doubly difficult: not only must we win the election, we must also do so in a manner that prevents the loser from pulling the structure down on top of us.  Like all bullies, Gore can't tolerate resistance or rejection.  If you don't support his ideas, then you don't exist - or worse, you exist as a mortal enemy.  It's a crude variation of "I killed her 'cause I loved her."

Political parties in the U.S. have been notoriously lax in examining and qualifying their electors.  Consequently, there have been several cases of faithless electors before the electoral college.  Fortunately, in the two elections where elector faithfulness was, because of the tightness of the race, essential - namely, the elections of 1800 and 1876 - every elector remained true to his commitment.  Unfortunately, we can not expect such constancy today.

In times like this it's easy to lose your judgement - and therefore your way.  Consequently, I am constantly looking for methods and standards against which I can recalibrate my value system.  Nothing, I have found, does this as well as the reading of history.  Accordingly, you may find it interesting and illuminating to compare the present Presidential election, and the handling and counting of the votes for the election, with the vote counting for the Presidential election of 1796.

To set the scene, George Washington was completing his second term (and had refused the nomination of his party for a third term), and his Vice President, John Adams, had become the Federalist's standard bearer.  Opposing him was, among others, his old friend, co-revolutionary (against Britain), and co-Commissioner (to France, for the U.S.), Thomas Jefferson.  Although they had been friends in the past, there was nothing friendly about the campaign.  It was, in fact, one of the most vicious in American history.  Even a cursory examination of the historical record will confirm that the passions of our forefathers were no less intense than those of today, indeed, they would appear to have been much more inflammatory.

In consonance with the our forebear's passions, the language used 200 years ago was even more vitriolic than that employed during the recent campaign.  So also was the hatred between the rival political parties.  The drive then for political ascendancy involved all of the emotions that still agitate Americans today, plus one extra one: fear.  Our forebears were truly frightened of what the election would bring.

Don't confuse the fear that these early Americans felt in 1796 with the concern that most Americans feel about Gore's incessant push toward socialism, or the discomfiture that we feel over the knowledge that he will appoint some twisted sisters to the supreme court, or the disquiet that you experience when you see Gore and some corrupt trade unionist jointly clamoring for the need to get the boot heel of oppression off of the necks of the common working man.  No, the fear that gripped Americans in the decade following George Washington's Presidency was a bone-chilling fear dominated by the immediacy of the horror that they anticipated.  Their fear was the fear that the country was going to disintegrate; the fear that John Adams and the Federalists were going to create a monarchy; the fear that Jefferson and the Republicans were going to lead the country into a democratic dementia of the type then afflicting post-revolutionary France; the fear of becoming enmeshed in a catastrophic war with France or Britain, the two most powerful nations on earth; and the fear of re-colonization.  It was the fear of defeat and destruction and death.

So, in the midst of this environment of hatred and fear who counted the votes?  Who could be trusted for such a task?  Well, for an answer, let me borrow from Irving Stone (from Lust for Life):

"After a moment he let the gavel fall once, determinedly, on the small table before him.  The combined Senate and House were called to order.

"Absolute silence fell.  Secretary of the Senate Samuel Otis approached the dais with a locked metal case.  Inside were the heavily wax-sealed envelopes, one for each of the sixteen states of the Union, containing their notarized ballots.  With a recording clerk on either side of him and the Senators leaning forward tensely in their chairs, Vice President John Adams broke each seal, took out the enclosed sheet of paper, read the recorded figures in a clear, firm voice.  There were stirrings, muted groans, sibilances of pleasure as the vote tallies mounted.

"John Adams showed no change of expression, no sign of emotion, as the vote turned for or against him.  He moved slowly, read the figures deliberately, waited in complete quiescence while the clerks counted the final rows of figures.  They [the clerks] checked each other, then turned to the Vice President, and respectfully handed him the totals.  The Vice President rose, holding the tally sheet before him; his hand trembled slightly now.

"The new President of the United States is John Adams, with seventy-one electoral votes.  The new Vice President is Thomas Jefferson with sixty-eight."

"There were seconds of silence, then the United States Congress rose and gave their presiding officer an ovation."

Is there anyone on the planet who truly believes that the count would have proceeded in such an orderly, dignified, and, most importantly, accurate manner if Al Gore had been conducting the counting?  The concept is ludicrous, isn't it?  Can't you just see our present Vice President handling the same process?  He'd have Reverend Jesse on one side, raving on in his best, most quivering MLK Junior sound-alike voice, spouting smooth and euphonious but meaningless slogans, all designed to titillate the rabble; and Boss Daley's son on the other side, slickly gyrating like David Copperfield, lying and misdirecting, and sending his adversary's votes into an alternate universe; and all the while, Al Gore, in the middle, looking for all the world like Snuffy Smith at Caleb's poker table, with ballots stuck up and falling out of his sleeves, shoes, and hatband, explaining to everyone that they had absolutely nothing to worry about since, after all, he had invented the ballot box!  Really, would Tipper even trust him and his cronies with those ballots?  Exactly: she would trust him to monkey with them.

Jefferson, however, did trust Adams, as did the Republicans - or at least they trusted him in the matter of personal honesty, in the matter of counting votes.  For sure most of them disliked the Vice President immensely, but they knew that he was not a cheat.  They questioned his beliefs, not his character.  Consequently, the young Republic survived, and in the process the seeds of a critical process - the orderly transfer of power - were planted and nurtured.  Now, two hundred years down the road, we've another Vice President in a similar position, but this Vice President is doing all in his power to reverse that process, and to rip out this corner stone of tradition and stability.  He is frantic to get his hands on the ballots one more time, for, on every previous instance that his agents were able to do so, they managed to create a few more votes for the Vice President, and a few less for his adversary.  Now they have completed the process.  The dirty work is done; they have only to induce some court or another to order one more recount in one of the counties where the votes have been corrupted.  We are, therefore, only one court and one count away from a successful Coup d'Etat.


One of my readers contacted me to say, "Hey Jay, don't you think that you went a bit overboard about the "assumption of certainty" issue.  When I hear remarks of this type I realize why the Right remains in such difficulties.  Well, in response to your comment, Phyllis, I do not.  And to confirm this position you needn't have even moved from your computer.  You don't even have to turn on your TV; you need only switch browsers for a moment.  Forget for the moment CBS, NBC, Fox, and all the wire services, and concentrate on one group, viz. Netscape/CNN.  Try this blurb on for size (it was issued two days ago):

"Because both counties are predominately democratic, Democratic candidate Al Gore is expected to gain additional votes in the two county recounts, helping him to reduce Republican candidate Bush's 930-vote official lead in the state tally." [emphasis mine]

And if that report doesn't convince you then try this one; it was released today:

"Campaign aides say Gore won the election by nine votes, based on votes counted but not certified by the state.  As the Democrats see it, Gore should have picked up 157 votes from Miami-Dade County and another 215 votes from Palm Beach County.  On top of that, Democrats argue that 174 overseas absentee ballots that went to Bush should have been disqualified.  When the 372 uncounted Gore votes are added to his certified total and the 174 Bush votes are subtracted from his final count, Gore comes out ahead by nine votes."

Why does CNN/Netscape assume that Gore's count will go up because the two counties are Democratic?  One might just as easily assume that, since a majority of votes within these counties were cast for Gore, that a majority of the votes that were improperly or fraudulently (or wrongly in any event) counted for both candidates were votes that wrongly went to Gore.  And if the fix and the bias wasn't blatant enough, the fixers are now publishing the actual number of votes that they have managed to turn or generate.  As I noted in Coup Advisory No. 5, "The Democratic 'counters' . . . have already generated or 'found' over a thousand votes for Gore.  They're ready."  This estimate dovetails nicely with the numbers now being released by the Gorers.

Incidentally, it's interesting to note that until the State of Florida certified its votes and gave them to Bush, Netscape prominently posted, day after day, on its home page, a running tally of votes that were officially certified for both Bush and Gore.  However, this practice was discontinued, and the scoreboard was removed, once Bush pulled ahead.

What Can Be Done?

1. Send a copy of any of Coup Reports that you might have, especially Numbers One and Six, to any influential members of the Bush campaign that you might know.  I fear that some of them still don't appreciate the seriousness of the "Domestic Mailing" invalidation program initiated by the Gorers.  They have known for some time that the Gorers are manipulating the ballots that they count, but they don't comprehend the extent of the fraud, nor all of the methods employed.

2. Send copies also to any friends that you might have within either the Department of Defense or any of the media services operated by, under the auspices of, or in cooperation with any of the Armed Forces, e.g., the Stars and Stripes.

3. Ask your favorite "radical rag" or medium magnate - essentially, any of the mass media personalities who, or organizations that, are not owned or controlled by Coup Forces - to use the term Coup d'Etat or the word Coup in their publications.  Help them to understand that this is not a friendly little contest among friends.

4. Stop supporting the Coup Forces by parroting the euphemisms that their newspeak specialists have circulated.  Remember, the subconscious is as literal as a Muslim fundamentalist, especially where it is housed in the brain of a liberal Democrat simpleton.  So discontinue usage of progressive measures as a synonym for social engineering; stop substituting liberalism where socialism fits; and don't employ, accept, pass on, or accede or acquiesce to, right wing reactionary in lieu of right-thinking conservative.

5. Identify and make certain that your electors know that any breach of faith will result in punishment consistent with that deserved for theft of a nation.  See below for more on this subject.

What's Next?

1. The Vice President will continue to pound the courts for relief.  He will go back to Florida's Supreme Court.  He will also petition other courts in the state.

2. The Vice President will attempt to suborn two electors - and an extra third for insurance.  Toward this end the Gorers have already been instructed to scrutinize all electors for "vulnerable features."  As I write, a Democratic task force is shifting through data on approximately three hundred electors.  They are concentrating on, as a first choice, those electors who come from states that do not legally compel their electors to vote for the candidates who carried their respective states.  These electors can change their mind with impunity.  Were, for example, an elector from Arizona, a state that doesn't obligate its electors to vote according to the official state certification, to vote for Gore instead of Bush, then the unfaithful elector would have nothing to worry about, or to dissuade him or her from treachery, save the enmity of the Bush supporters.  And, by way of counter to a potentially guilty conscience, the renegade would have the adoration of the nation's socialists, the reverence of the Democratic Party, the gratitude of the leftist media, and the Gorers' million dollar payoff.

Although the Gorers are concentrating on electors who come from non-binding states, any elector will suffice.  The penalties for non-conformance to party discipline range from nothing to a slap on the wrist.  Moreover, the payoff to the bolter would more than compensate for the attendant unpleasantness.  Elector unfaithfulness has been rare in U.S. history, and has usually occurred in instances where an elector, knowing that his candidate had no chance to win, violated protocol as a means of protest.  In only one case has the unfaithful elector voted for a viable competitor of the person to whom he was pledged (Samuel Miles of Pennsylvania voted for Jefferson in 1796 although he was pledged to Adams), and in no case has the "ship-jumping" effected the outcome of the election involved.  But we've a different situation now, a different America.  Now we've a population that is infected with a moral sickness, a sickness marked by mindlessness, spinelessness, and raw opportunism.  Such a population is not only vulnerable to subornation, it begs for it.

The "vulnerable features" identified by the Gorers include "financial distress, opportunistic personality, and unexposed homosexuality."  The Gorers are instructed to use both the carrot and the whip.  Without a big effort to counter their henchmen, they will capture a couple or three rotten apples from the Bush camp.  If, as Henry IV, King of France, said (in electing to re-embrace Catholicism), "Paris is worth a mass," then rest assured that we've several electors who will contend that "a switch to Gore is worth a little derision."  Of course Henry compromised his principles in order to save his nation from religious warfare, whereas our defecting electors will discard theirs for some Gorer silver and a chance to appear on Oprah and Larry King Live.

Call the Republican Party in your state now and make certain that they are aware of this danger and have taken steps to neutralize it.  Have them reconvene a caucus or committee meeting if necessary.  Have them examine their members for any weaknesses.  Get them to complete their official votes or affidavits now.  Get your party lawyers involved.  Have them prepare a document for your electors to sign that will preclude a mind change later, when they are offered a million dollars to do so, or when they are threatened with exposure of some dirt that the Gorers have unearthed.  The honest ones won't mind sealing the deal early; indeed, they will appreciate the danger and assist you in expediting the process.  The resistant ones have already been compromised.  Act - and act now.


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