Coup Advisory Report No. 8 - Here Come De Judge

"The goddess of justice has left the earth"


"You are a such a stupid man!  Can you not understand that I had to interfere with the elections?  The bloody fools would always vote the wrong way.  Democracy was a failure in my country"


This report will be a short one.  We're sitting on a morass of "ifs."  I can't comment further on the activities of the Coup Forces until the next hand has been played, and it won't be played until, I believe, tomorrow.

So, presuming that the courts rule within the next 24 hours, tomorrow will tell.  It will not, I fear, tell us who is going to receive Florida's electoral votes.  Most likely, however, it will tell us how deeply the Gorers have the Florida Supreme Court in their pocket and, more specifically, which of the justices have been anointed by Gore "oil."  It will also tell us whether or not the Gorers have been able to "get to" Leon County Circuit Judge Nikki Clark or any of the judges involved in the less important disputes.  I have no inside information on these jurists individually; accordingly I can not tell you how they are going to decide.  I can tell you, however, that unless both courts rule for Gov. Bush, then the Coup is still alive and kicking and, most horrifying, succeeding!  If either court rules for Gore then the Coup will not only be sustained, it will be innervated.

What Next?

Information available to me on the character of the jurists involved would suggest that the Leon County court will rule for Bush; and that the Florida Supreme Court, in a split decision, will rule for Gore.  As best as I can determine, Judge Clark is intelligent and honorable.  Accordingly, I anticipate that she will decide against the Gorer puppets in their effort to disfranchise fifteen thousand absentee voters who sole offense was their presence on the same track as the Coup Express - and their movement in the opposite direction.  The Gorers are playing a dangerous game here, for their actions here enrage a considerable portion of the Armed Forces, but then Gore has already written off the military vote (see Coup Advisory No. 6 for the Gorer's opinion of these Americans).  Of course the Gorers will attempt to cover for their prince here by reiterating their dodge that the action was not brought by the Vice President but instead by one of his overly fervent supporters in Seminole County.  Regardless of what happens, both judgements will be appealed.

Assuming that I am correct about the Florida Supreme Court's decision to order a resumption of miscounting in at least some counties or districts in Florida, Bush will also move to block the Florida Supreme Court with an emergency appeal to either the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta or the U.S. Supreme Court, or both.  He will ask that the decision of the Florida Supreme Court be set aside and, further, that its implementation be stayed until the court can hear arguments for and against the issuance of a permanent injunction to stop the Democrats from tampering with the ballots.  In the meantime, Gore's miscounters in Miami-Dade and the other affected, infected, and afflicted counties will quickly find ("pick-up" in Gorer newspeak) the doctored ballots that the Gorers have already prepared for them and will caw and crow, as loudly and persistently as a bird-brained hippie chanting for free dope, that Gore has forged ahead.

And have no doubts here that Gore will forge ahead - or at least he will do so to the extent that the media and the Coup Forces, acting in concert, can slant and fabricate the news.  In fact, the Gorers, with con men cunning, are now working feverishly to control the over-count.  As Gorer Bill confided to one of his fellow conspirators back in Tallahassee (see Coup Advisory No. 5), "Hey, we don't want to "Bhutto-ize" ourselves; this is surgery, baby, delicate surgery: we generate too few votes for Uncle Al and we drown; we create too many and we fry."

Bill's allusion to "Butto-ize" is a reference to the incident wherein Zulfikar Butto, the Prime Minister and prime mover of Pakistan in the seventies, had his re-election victory in 1977 spoiled by the heavy-handiness of his henchmen.  Bhutto's fixers - the equivalents of Al's Gorers - so overstuffed the ballot boxes that the total votes exceeded the total number of eligible voters, and thus exposed to all the extent of his corruption.  He was undone by the successes of his excesses.  The subsequent outrage led to his removal (by military counter Coup) and eventual execution.

Interestingly, both Gore and Butto were in-office when they rigged the elections, both were power-mad, both were socialists who feigned reverence for constitutional principles, both suborned and "worked" the courts, both were contemptuous of a gullible public (and therefore careless of the "suckers"), and both were disdainful of the Armed Forces.  Ah, but would they both come to the same end.

Timing is critical here.  The Networks have already been prepped by the Coup Forces.  They will saturate the ether with stirring images of a heroic, resurgent Al Gore fighting his way back into the lead; a phoenix rising from the ashes.  The key words in this media onslaught will be "courageous," "tenacious," "determined," and, were not the word too much for the limited mental capacity of his slogan-shouting followers, "indefatigable."  Thus will the Gorers set the props for their next big series: feigned indignation, mock outrage, and violent protests.

The Coup Forces have two remaining obstacles: the U.S. Supreme Court and the Florida Legislature.  The legislature will select a team of Bush electors on December 12th if the issue is still undecided.  The Gorers plan to neutralize legislative resolve by demonstrating, by the 12th, that Gore has won the election, and by intimidating the state legislators.  Florida's legislature will give a split decision to Bush, but they will not dishonor themselves for him if they are convinced, or believe that their constituents are convinced, that Gore might actually have won.  The Gorers will therefore have, contingent upon when the Florida Supreme Court rules on Gore's current appeal, one to four days to fabricate and animate their new Frankenstein, two or three days to intimidate or bamboozle the legislature.

If I'm wrong, and if the Florida Courts should on Friday or Saturday rule in Bush's favor, then quite obviously, my projections here will count for naught.  If, however, I am right, and if as a consequence of actions of the courts in Florida the U.S. Supreme Court does not move correctly, and immediately, then that august body may well be flanked by events.  They will be hard pressed to tell the State of Florida, after the fact, to "uncount" the votes that have been conjured, prestidigitated, and miscounted.  Consequently, if Bush is to stymie the Coup Forces he will need a quick restraining order from the U.S. Supreme Court that enjoins the State of Florida from participating in the miscounting hoax.

This would be a good time for all freedom-loving Americans to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


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